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Aegis Team Leadership

Kris Cucchiara

Kris Cucchiara is the founder and principal of AEGIS ELECTRIC, an electrical contracting company that provides residential, commercial and industrial services. Kris has worked as an electrician for more than 14 years. He has worked for several electrical companies in Massachusetts, a regional company in the southeast U.S. as well as globally while serving aboard the U.S.S. Robert G. Bradley FFG-49. Mr. Cucchiara’s professional diversity uniquely qualified him for the challenge that is AEGIS.

Kris is a 1993 graduate of the Leominster Trade High School, served 4 years in the U.S. Navy as an Electricians Mate and currently Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

While developing the concept of AEGIS ELECTRIC the thought was that by blending great service, reliability and cleanliness into a well trained team of professionals the end result would be a truly incredible product all people would desire and appreciate.


Our Company’s Work/Life Program Goals

This brief overview is designed to describe how our company will look when all of our work/ life programs have been implemented. This is designed to help us know when we have reached our goals as well as keep us going when times are difficult. This statement was prepared by Kris Cucchiara the founder and principal of AEGIS ELECTRIC who fully realize the importance of a comprehensive work/life balance and the positive impact it will have on reliable, honest and skilled employee’s of our company for many years into the future.
A Visionary Employer
Employees at our company are both trustworthy and trusted. They are valued as worthy contributors. Whether senior management or entry-level, all people will be treated with equal respect. They give support when support is needed and accept assistance when it’s called for.
Employees enthusiastically support and display dedication to our company mission. All staff members regardless of position share a common purpose. They all feel responsible for the continued fostering and development of the company as a whole. This will enable the employees to share in the celebration, recognition, and rewards when those goals are achieved.
Culture and Climate
Management models the behavior changes implicit in cultural transformation and “walks its talk” by providing numerous training and development opportunities. A mentoring program matches executives and employees, encouraging mutual trust and shared experience. Everyone who wants one has a career path.
Work Practices
Flexibility is a given at this company, and a job at AEGIS is considered to be a group of tasks rather than a place one goes to work. Each assigned job is designed to maximize the employee’s skills, career goals, and personal situation. Managers are to be trained to set goals with individuals and teams, and to evaluate performance base on results.
Staff Goals
Our staff goals include but are not limited to the following points:
Constantly increasing alignment and enthusiastic participation in achieving
    business goals rather than simply “working hours”
Enabling employees to have more control and power over their work.
Enabling employees to experience success consistently in both their work
   and home lives.
All of the above will be measured by surveying employees regularly and comparing results.
Company and Community
The company’s charitable functions are not simply limited to random donations. We are selecting specific organizations within the community that will be recommended by the employee volunteer committee.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer in community organizations as a way to give back to the people that have enabled them to earn a good living.



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